• I love Weeman and would recommend it to any one ~ I brought one for my son at 2.5yrs old and you can basically say that from the moment I brought it and he used it for the first time, there where no more wet nappies ever again, amazing! Thanks so much.
    Rebecca - Highland Park QLD Australia
  • Hi, I would just like to write in my testimonial to say that I am SO happy this urinal for 'little' boys was invented, I don't know how we ever lived without them before, my son had trouble toilet training until I brought the weeman, because he wanted to stand up like dad and he was such a proud little boy, we didn't have one single accident since he began using it, thanks again, Nicci.
  • Brilliant is how I describe your toilet trainer. Took no time to get my son Alec to use it, Now he uses it all the time.
    My thanks to the inventor.
  • Thankyou for such a fantastic invention, I had tried everything to toilet train my 3 year old to no avail then a friend reccommended the Weeman toilet trainer. What a blessing, He used it the day it arrived ,can't believe no mess .no fuss, Thanks Weeman
  • Purchased a Weeman 2-3 years ago, after I heard about them on tv. It may have been New Inventors. My son has used it intermittently, but recently it was rediscovered so I put it on the toilet. My 4year old loves the concept! Hes only a little fellow, and can only just reach over the top of the toilet. Hes stoked to be able to use the Weeman and be just like Dad, and he quite easily empties it and flushes it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Regards Kym Harris Geraldton WA